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Divorce, Judicial Separation and Separation

Dutton Gregory Divorce Solicitors handle all types of legal separation, which are broken down into three main areas:

1. Divorce – this is where a couple end their marriage legally and once a Decree Absolute of divorce is pronounced are free to remarry if they wish.

2. Judicial Separation – this is rare, as the parties remain married although are recognised by the law as being legally separated.  Financial Orders can be made to deal with maintenance, property and capital but as they remain married the court cannot deal with pensions.  Sometimes a couple have a Decree of Judicial Separation which is later turned into a Divorce Decree.

3. Separation – this is usually where there may not be any particular grounds for divorce, but the parties decide they cannot go on living together.  Often it is sensible to have a Separation Agreement prepared by a solicitor outlining how the financial arrangements are to operate in the future.  Sometimes it is possible to deal with all future financial arrangements which can subsequently be confirmed by a Divorce Court.  However, as with Judicial Separation, pensions cannot be split or shared because only a court may make a Pension Sharing Order.  

Dutton Gregory Divorce Solicitors are experienced in all the above forms of legal separation.

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