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Sadly in some relationships, whether people are married or not, forms of violence and abuse arise.  

Sometimes this may impact upon any children of the relationship as well.  

In these cases it might well be necessary to seek an injunction from the court to restrain the partner who is causing the difficulty.  These are known as Domestic Violence Injunctions and are either Non-Molestation Injunctions where the individual is ordered not harass, pester or inflict violence upon the other or Occupation Injunctions whereby one partner is ordered to leave the jointly occupied home or the other partner is granted an Order to return having been forced out.  

Dutton Gregory Injunction Solicitors are vastly experienced in dealing with these sorts of unhappy and difficult situations.  We can act quickly and urgently and usually the first Court Order is obtain without giving notice to the other party to avoid any repercussions when someone realises that legal action is being taken against them.  

We should make it clear however that an Order requiring someone to leave their home is very rarely granted without giving notice to them.  This would only apply in the most extreme of circumstances, although if the person has already left the home the courts are much more ready to grant an Order refusing them re-entry until they have had an opportunity to put their own case.

These sorts of Orders can be obtained by married and non-married couples and against people who do not form part of a relationship (such as relations who may live with you).  They can also be obtained against former partners where perhaps the separation may have occurred some time before but a problem then arises. 

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