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Comprehensive legal services

Property Lettings & Revenue Solicitors

We have one of the UK's largest teams of Lettings & Revenue specialists. We are experts at navigating this area of law and advising on all matters relating to the Private Rented Sector. Against a backdrop of changing legislation, we provide practical advice on compliance, legal matters that arise and maximising property revenue.

We know that getting the right advice not only increases the likelihood of success, but reduces the time spent in any legal process.

Key benefits of working with our Property Lettings & Revenue Team:

  • Unrivalled knowledge of the industry
  • Over 30 years of working in this field
  • Nationally renowned expertise
  • Offices across the UK
  • Proven success rate

We provide comprehensive lettings services, to ensure our clients are legally compliant and supported at every stage. These include:

  • Tenancy document drafting & review
  • Bespoke contracts & agreements
  • Notices & Court applications
  • Possession claims
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Defended Claims
  • Industry training & updates
What our clients think:

“Incredibly thorough, quick and immensely effective. We could not be happier."

“Highly professional solicitors and experts in residential lettings. Quick reply to emails and serving of legal notices.”

“We were incredibly pleased with the efficient service we received. From start to finish the process was clearly outlined. Thank you for making a difficult situation so much easier.”

Our specialists:

Gina Peters, Head of the Property Lettings & Revenue Team has published “Lettings Law for Property Professionals: Your Questions Answered”, a book aimed at allowing all those regularly working within the lettings sector to recognise the importance of their legal questions. With over 20 years of extensive industry knowledge, Gina introduces the “HOUSE” rules designed to support property professionals.

Using the “HOUSE” rules, along with plenty of practical examples, Gina examines the most frequently asked lettings law questions and their answers, enabling you to improve the value of the information you receive, solidify your understanding, and extend your knowledge.

For book readers, download your free prompt sheet.

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