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Revenue Recovery

Revenue / debt recovery generally goes through 4 stages:

  • Location of debtor / prospects of recovery
  • Letter Before Action
  • Obtaining a money Judgment
  • Enforcing the money Judgment

We instruct an Enquiry Agent to undertake the first stage, a Trace Report, which informs our next steps. This is relatively inexpensive and will enable us to advise on your options for revenue recovery, which include enforcement via bailiffs and/or deduction from earnings.

We offer fixed-fee work for recovery / enforcement of debt, depending on whether there is already a money Judgment in place. The process for this is as follows:

Route 1 – With Money Judgment in place

Trace Report Letter Before Action Enforcement / attachment of earnings

Route 2 – with No Existing Money Judgement

Letter Before Action Apply for money Judgment Pursuit of payment Trace Report Enforcement / attachment of earnings