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Shareholder Director Disputes

Disputes involving directors and shareholders can arise in all manner of situations and for a number of reasons such as disparities in remuneration, disagreements about the management of the company, minority shareholders feeling their views are not being respected, disagreements about the direction of the business and personal differences.

These reasons can result in highly emotive disputes and can escalate quickly, resulting in a costly and damaging litigation.

We are here to get involved as early as possible, to provide straightforward, clear and concise advice and to facilitate an early resolution through negotiation or Alternative Dispute Resolution if possible.

We specialise in

  • Directors duties and disqualification
  • Company governance disputes
  • Breach of shareholders agreements
  • Minority shareholders protection
  • Disputes over directors remuneration
  • Breach of company constitution
  • Fraudulent and wrongful trading
  • Claims under the Companies Act 2006

If you require any advice regarding these issues or other concerns relating to your business please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.