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Let's be honest, no-one really looks forward to a trip to the dentist.  It is a necessary evil that keeps our teeth strong and healthy.

However, on occasions the treatment we receive may not reach the standard we expect and our teeth may suffer as a consequence.  Dental negligence can range from something as mundane as damaging a tooth during a routine check-up to something serious, such as a misdiagnosed dental illness resulting in the loss of several teeth.  In most circumstances, further trips to the dentist will be required, resulting in further pain and cost, particularly if a patient requires implants, which can be hugely expensive..

Some of the more common areas of dental negligence  we can deal with are set out below.  If any of these sound familiar to you then you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

  • Careless dental work resulting in the wrong tooth being removed, a tooth being fractured whilst taking off a brace, nerve damage, a tooth being over prepared before a veneer is fitted or a crown being fitted in the wrong way
  • Failure to  diagnose  a dental problem that may concern your teeth, gums or any other oral problem.  Oversight of such a problem can lead to the condition worsening and possibly causing irreversible complications and tooth loss
  • An incorrect  or over diagnosis can equally result in ongoing complications and, in some circumstances, a significant cost to the dental patient as unnecessary treatment has been paid for or corrective treatment will be required.  Sometimes both will occur.
  • Poor hygiene standards resulting in serious infection
  • Poor management of gum disease
  • Problems associated with the use of anaesthesia, which can lead to serious complications and even a risk to life.

If you feel that you have suffered as a result of dental negligence and are worried by the amount of money you have already spent on dental treatment or what you are going to need to spend in the future, then contact Dutton Gregory’s specialist medical negligence department who will be happy to help you through this very stressful and difficult time.