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Slips and Trips on the Highway

Highways and Pavements

Slips and trips on the highway and pavements are very common but pursuing a claim is not always straightforward.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to repair and maintain roads; pavements and footpaths. If you have been injured as a result of tripping over a raised or depressed defect, such as a pothole or a section of uneven tarmac/paving slab, you might be entitled to compensation.   Common injuries from a trip or slip are: broken bones and soft tissue injuries to arms, wrists, ankles; head and facial injuries.

Dutton Gregory’s Personal Injury Team has dealt with thousands of trip and slip claims on the highway and have a reputation for fighting these claims all the way.   If you or anyone you know has been involved in such a claim within the last 3 years; even if they are already represented but not satisfied by the legal advice they have been given, call Dutton Gregory’s Personal Injury Team today for free and impartial advice - 0800 0901499.

Slips and Trips in Supermarkets and Shops

Supermarkets and shops owe the public a duty of care to ensure that their visitors and staff are reasonably safe. They should have a cleaning policy in place and a regular system of inspection to ensure that spillages are cleared away as quickly as possible.

Supermarkets and shops should also have mats at the entrances and exits to prevent customers from slipping over when rainwater enters their premises.

Supermarkets also have a duty to clear away ice and snow from their car park and pathways and to grit and/or cordon off dangerous areas to ensure the public’s safety.

Supermarkets and shops should ensure that trolleys, foot stools and packaging are not left in the isles as customers do not necessarily see them or expect them to be there.

These cases are not always straightforward and that is why you need the specialist advice of Dutton Gregory’s Personal Injury Team. We have helped thousands of people over the past 35 years with their trips and slips claims ensuring that they receive the compensation they deserve.