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Homes for Ukraine 🇺🇦

Thank you for your interest in the UK Government's sponsorship scheme ‘Homes for Ukraine’.

Below are downloadable copies of the licence agreement in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Before using the agreement please access the Government website for detailed guidance on the scheme and ensure that the property owner is well aware of the attendant risks as well as the benefits of helping those who have been forced to flee their native land.

The agreement has been simplified as much as possible but we cannot accept any liability for its misuse or indeed using the agreement in circumstances where it might not be appropriate for any reason. We must also stress that if any payment is made by the occupier to the property owner (even in kind) then that is likely to create a formal tenancy which will make it difficult to recover vacant possession at the end of any term. Currently the Government's ex gratia payment of £350 pcm to the property owner will not extend beyond 1 year - a reason why this agreement may not be suitable for everyone wanting to host a refugee family.

If you do use the agreement please consider making a donation to Propertymark's nominated charity - the Disasters Emergency Committee via their website:


Many thanks
Dutton Gregory Solicitors

29 March 2022