Paul Sams

Paul Sams

Managing Partner


Paul decided he wanted to be a solicitor at seven years old.  Since then he has become an award winning nationally recognised expert in the field of residential property having been asked to lecture other lawyers across the Country.

Paul has also been invited to speak on more than one occasion for Housing Associations and the RICS.  Paul also deals with residential development work from site acquisition through to plot sales. 

Paul was elected Managing Partner by his fellow Partners and stepped up to the role in April 2024.  He proactively manages the firm alongside his fellow Partners and Senior Managers always with a view to making sure both everyone within the firm and those who the firm interacts with have the most positive experience that they can.

"Strong Recommendation - I have bought quite a few properties in the last 12 years. My wife and I completed on one today. It's the first time that I have had a conveyancer treat me like a valued customer as opposed to a process or a bit of an inconvenience.

Not weeks, Not days, Not hours ....minutes (The average time taken for a response to any of our queries or to notify us of developments)

I know he (and his team) was busy today. Very busy. Our purchase wasn't worth millions. It was worth far far more. It was buying our first family home together. He treated it accordingly.

He gave us confidence a while ago that it was all possible in a tight timescale. Against all odds (there were a few), he delivered.

I have never met Paul Sams, but I imagine he must have at least 6 arms, two heads and live exclusively on a diet of rocket fuel and green skittles. The guy is a machine.

Do not waste time looking for other solicitors to handle your purchase." - Jamie Ratcliffe


“They say that selling and buying a property is extremely stressful and one of the top 3 most stressful things in life – they’re right! When you find yourself in this position you need to have as much support, empathy and understanding as possible.

Paul Sams gets it. He understands what his customers go through, the persistent stress and frustration of this process that on occasion just means you can lose you temper. That is why I have used Paul at Dutton Gregory Solicitors on several occasions over the years and have been very happy to recommend him numerous times.

But of course you need a team around you; Megan Townsend was key in ensuring that the process was as painless as possible, even though she took the brunt of my frustration one late afternoon. She worked very hard to make sure that all parties knew what needed to happen next and she acted swiftly when things seemed to go off the rails. So, thank you to her for her keeping it all on track.

I would also like to thank Katie Page who managed to keep me calm when the buyer’s solicitors were clearly not as competent as the Dutton Gregory team, thank you Katie for professionalism and assistance.

When making one of the biggest decisions in your life, make sure you have Paul Sams and the team with you.” - Antonio Falco


For more information please call Paul on 023 8021 3787