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Secured Lending

The knowledge and expertise within Dutton Gregory’s Commercial Property Team means we always give our clients focussed, comprehensive advice on property and project finance transactions across a wide range if sectors including retail, leisure, industrial and healthcare.

Acting for both lenders and borrowers, we use our fresh approach to overcome both complex legal issues and to deal with more procedural transactions to get matters over the line in a fast and cost-effective way.

Members of our specialist Secured Lending Team combine years of experience acting for traditional banks, alternative and peer-to-peer lenders, individuals and private companies.  We provide due diligence, reports on title and leases and planning and construction advice into properties, projects, developments and businesses that are to be funded.

Our philosophy for success in such a time-sensitive discipline is

  • Collaboration with clients, counterparties and professional advisors to ensure security requirements are met
  • Relationships between lender and borrower are open and maintained
  • Experience to identify key issues and to explain and resolve them quickly

Services include:

Property Acquisition, Investment and Development

  • re-financing, bridging finance, structured finance, short-term lending, further advances, term loans, perfecting security, revolving credit
  • buy-to-lets, portfolio asset management
  • dual representation and separate representation
  • capital redemptions
  • senior and mezzanine debt
  • second charges
  • construction advice, collateral warranties

Insolvency and restructuring

  • security enforcement


  • equity restructuring and corporate debt
  • joint ventures and equity investment
  • security trust and security arrangements
  • intercreditor and priority arrangements

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