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Stamp Duty Holiday: If we don't make the day, you don't pay!

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Stamp Duty Holiday: If we dont make the day, you dont pay!

Last Updated: 3rd March 2021

As the current deadline on the government’s Stamp Duty Holiday draws closer, Dutton Gregory look to radical and innovative new ways to help their clients’ complete on their property purchase in time for the deadline – promising that if they don’t, clients won't have to pay their legal fees!

COVID-19, the various lockdown restrictions and the unknown impact of Brexit have caused a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for many home owners looking to buy or sell their property over the last 12 months. As we progress through the UK’s third lockdown, many are feeling these stresses more than ever.

Dutton Gregory want to do everything in their power to ensure all their clients affected by the Stamp Duty Holiday complete before the deadline – alleviating stresses where possible and saving thousands of pounds in the process.

This is why they're pledging to all affected clients that if their transaction doesn’t complete on or before Wednesday 30th June, they will not have to pay their legal fees.*

Dutton Gregory's promise has been extended following the Government's announcement of extending the Stamp Duty Holiday deadline at their 2021 Budget announcement on 3rd March 2021.

Commenting on this ambitious promise, Paul Sams, Partner and Head of Property says:

“I have a great team here so, although some may suggest this is a bold move - and in a way it is - I know we won’t let anyone down. 

"Property has become a real focus for people during this pandemic and we have all been working hard here at Dutton Gregory throughout the whole time on behalf of our clients and introducers,  from the dark days of March and April 2020 to the tragically escalating daily statistics of this time.

"We are here when people need us which, for those looking to buy a property, is now”

If you’ve already instructed Dutton Gregory in the purchase of your property, your conveyancer will be able to inform you as to whether you meet the criteria for this promotion. If you’re still looking to instruct a conveyancer for your purchase, you have until 5pm on Monday 21st June to instruct our team and be included in this promotion.

For more information and our full terms and conditions for this promotion, visit: https://www.duttongregory.co.uk/site/personal/residential-property/terms-and-conditions-stamp-duty-holiday-promotion#

Whilst Dutton Gregory are working hard for their clients to ensure they met the deadline, many home buyers will be looking at other ways they can help ensure that their property transaction completes in time.

Here are our top tips on what home buyers can directly do to help speed things along:

  1. Investigate the delays

    There can be a thousand reasons why a property transaction takes slower to complete than it should do. Consider what the actual delay is.

    Is it because someone has not received a mortgage offer? If so, can they switch to a lender who will issue a mortgage offer quickly? Is it because a search will not be returned in time? Can they use search insurance instead? Could someone be persuaded to move into rented accommodation rather than holding up the chain?

    A good Estate Agent (of which there are many) can assist you, if they’re involved, in checking with the chain and streamlining these issues.
  2. Effective communication

    Due to home working and lockdown restrictions, some aspects of the normal conveyancing process may take longer than usual – from surveys for mortgages to searches. This is less than ideal as more and more people race against the clock to complete before the deadline.

    Keep an open line of communication with your estate agent, conveyancer, mortgage lender, etc. Be honest and open about your expectations and ensure that any questions or concerns you have are relayed to them. Likewise, trust in their expertise and advice and be sure to act on any requests or actions asked of you as soon as you can.

    Try to be as patient as you can, many in the property industry are working tirelessly and are doing their best to deliver successful outcomes for their many clients in a safe, COVID-19 secure way.
  3. Do your research

    Keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the property industry. Although there are numerous rumours and ongoing calls for the Government to extend the deadline, we are not sure that there will be a change.

    The property industry hears of new developments and government guidance the same time as everyone else, and work as quickly as possible to dissect and implement any changes where required. Ensure you’re keeping updated too to prevent any shocks and surprises during your transaction.

To find out more about this promotion, or to speak to a legal expert about your property needs, you can contact:

Daniel Szasz
01962 624 415

*Terms and Conditions apply. – https://www.duttongregory.co.uk/site/personal/residential-property/terms-and-conditions-stamp-duty-holiday-promotion#