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May Employment Quiz Answers

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Thank you to everyone who took part in last month's employment and HR quiz. The answers can be seen below. Winners will be contacted shortly.

Q1. If an employee facing redundancy is offered potentially suitable alternative employment by their employer, what is the minimum period that employee should be offered by way of a trial period before deciding whether to accept the new position?
    c. Four consecutive working weeks
Q2. Those who qualify for parental leave (as it is now known from 6 April 2015) are entitled to 90% of their 'normal weekly earnings' for the first six weeks of their parental leave. Thereafter, the employee is entitled to the 'prescribed rate' per week for a further 33 weeks, but what is the current 'prescribed rate'?

    c. £139.58
Q3. What is the current tribunal hearing fee for a case involving unfair dismissal or discrimination?
    c. £950
Q4. Some contracts of employment permit an employer to temporarily 'lay off' employees .  What is the maximum amount of time in which an employer can lay off an employee, or place him or her on short term working (or a combination of both) before the employee, provided he or she qualifies, may make a claim for redundancy?
    b. 4 consecutive weeks (or a total of 6 weeks (of which no more than 3 are consecutive) in any 13 week period)   
Q5. In England and Wales, an employer is not obliged by law to pay an employee for absence for reason of jury service. Instead, the employee must claim from the Court for loss of earnings and expenses. What is the maximum an employee can claim per day from the Court during the first ten days of jury service?
    b. £64.95
Q6. Students with a Tier 4 (General) visa or residence permit can sometimes work full time during their vacations. What document could you check so that you know when their term dates are?
    a. A printout from their university website