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Bittersweet success for Dutton Gregory's Clinical Negligence team

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The Clinical Negligence team at Dutton Gregory has finalised a case against several GPs and nurses; a bittersweet success which sadly came too late for the Claimant who recently passed away.

The team at Dutton Gregory were approached following a string of errors by health professionals leading to an amputation of the Claimant’s leg. The diabetic Claimant originally sought treatment for a minor toe injury he sustained after stubbing his toe in 2011 and was seen by numerous NHS GPs and nurses. They failed to identify or treat the progression of infection which turned to gangrene, ultimately resulting in a below the knee amputation - a complication often seen in diabetic patients who are not given the proper care.

The mistakes caused long term pain and suffering and, due to the consequent restricted mobility, the Claimant struggled to cope, relying on family to help him get out and about. He suffered several falls whilst he adapted to using his prosthetic limb, resulting in further pain and suffering and admissions to hospital. The subsequent legal battle culminated in an undisclosed five figure settlement which was passed to his estate.

A member of our Clinical Negligence Team commented: “It was a frustrating case that was repeatedly and unnecessarily delayed by the Defendants. It appeared as though there was no light at the end of the tunnel until, out of the blue, they began to negotiate a settlement, although they stopped short of admitting any liability. My client and his family had an awful few years - the Claimant had three amputation procedures in total: half his foot, then his ankle and finally his lower leg before the spread of gangrene was halted. His long term partner sadly passed away whilst he was undergoing the amputation, which meant he was unable to attend her funeral, and then he himself passed before his own case could be concluded. I’m pleased with the outcome but very sad that my client is not here to benefit from money intended to improve his quality of life.”

Dutton Gregory, solicitors has an enviable record of success in Clinical Negligence cases, achieving claim settlements ranging from £1000s to in excess of £7M. For confidential advice, contact the Clinical Negligence team on 01202 315005.