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Mediation Voucher Scheme Update

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Mediation Voucher Scheme Update

Back in April 2021, we helped raise awareness of a new Government Scheme where separating couples could claim up to £500 towards their mediation costs .  It was anticipated up to 2,000 families would be able to claim these ‘Mediation Vouchers’..

The Court’s Minister Lord Walston QC said of the scheme “Mediation is often a quicker, cheaper, less stressful way of resolving disputes, helping separating couples reach amicable agreements without an unnecessary and often acrimonious court process”.

“The scheme will open the benefits of the services to even more families – sparing them the stress of long legal battles, whilst also helping to lessen the pressure on our family courts as we recover from the pandemic”.

The Family Mediation Council, or FMC, reported mid-June that approximately half the vouchers allocated had been requested, meaning that there are at least 1,000 left to for couples to use.

Therefore, if you are considering going to mediation, you should do so without any further delay and at your initial mediation appointment (a MIAM) the mediator will advise whether or not you are eligible to apply for the voucher scheme.  If a party is eligible for the mediation vouchers, then a mediator will apply directly for them to cover the costs of mediation. 

Only FMC Accredited mediators, will be able to offer mediation under the voucher scheme, so if you would like more information call 01202 466669.