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Mortgage Crisis: Our Response

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'Can’t move as planned? Our fees will be canned!’

With the rapid rise in interest rates, the Cost of Living crisis and property owners across the country doing their best to protect themselves with the best deal they can find, it is little surprise that mortgage companies are on the retreat.

Offers are Finite

As more and more mortgages are being pulled off the market, lenders who have made offers cannot afford to extend them.  If a property purchase fails to go through by the expiration date of a mortgage offer, a new agreement must be sought according to the (increased) interest rate at the time.

Our Promise

If any of our clients’ purchases of residential property don’t complete by the expiry date of their mortgage offer for any reason within our control, and we have had the signed instruction and documents for at least 21 days, we will not charge any legal fees payable to Dutton Gregory Solicitors.*


The housing market, along with many others in the current climate, is in state of flux, but transactions are still happening and people should not be put off pursuing their property plans.  At Dutton Gregory Solicitors , we have every confidence in our abilities and client service, so have made this promise to reassure those we are and will be acting for. We don’t want our clients to feel any unnecessary pressure or anxiety about their property purchase."

Paul Sams, Partner and Head of Property    

To find out more about this promotion, or to speak to a legal expert about your property needs, you can contact:

Daniel Szasz

01962 624 415


*Terms and Conditions apply. – https://www.duttongregory.co.uk/site/personal/residential-property/mortgage-offer-terms-and-conditions