Emma Jurd

Emma Jurd

HR Operations Manager

After nine years providing administrative support to a variety of teams across the firm, Emma was ready for a new challenge when she accepted the offer to join the HR department of Dutton Gregory in 2017.  Starting out as an HR Assistant, Emma’s role was to help manage the needs of new and existing staff within the firm.  “I began to think of HR as a bridge between the needs and ambitions of the business and care for the staff it employs”, Emma explains. “As time went on, and I was promoted to HR Executive, I became more and more interested in, and satisfied by the work I was doing.”

Emma took on an increasing number of responsibilities, including outreach work in the community with universities and colleges, until she was made HR Operational Manager in 2023.  Her role is to manage the operational aspects of the HR department including payroll, administration, induction of new arrivals to the firm and individual staff engagement.  “I think the key to successful HR is balancing approachability and empathy with impartiality and objectivity. Personally, I think you need good communication skills and resilience so that everyone across the business has confidence in your ability and trust in your representing them. I really enjoy working with people, getting to know them, and supporting them in any way I can.”

For more information please call Emma on 01962 624458