Product List

Product List


Individual Tenancy Agreements

Assured Shorthold Tenancy incorporating DPS (custodial): £100.00

Assured Shorthold Tenancy incorporating TDS (insurance): £100.00

Assured Shorthold Tenancy incorporating My Deposits (insurance): £100.00

Assured Shorthold Tenancy with no reference to deposit: £100.00

All of the above ASTs: £250.00

Company Let Agreement: £100.00

Common Law Tenancy (over £100,000.00 per annum): £100.00

Resident Landlord License: £100.00

Holiday Let Agreement: £50.00


Section 6 (changing terms of a periodic tenancy): £45.00

Section 8 (requiring possession on breach of tenancy agreement): £45.00

Section 13 (changing rent of a periodic tenancy): £45.00

Section 21 (1)(b) (terminating a fixed term AST): £45.00

Section 21 (4)(a) (terminating an AST that has never had a fixed term): £45.00

Section 166 Notice (Notice to Long Leaseholders of Rent Due: £45.00

Notice to Quit (for non housing act tenancies): £45.00

Ground 1 and Ground 2 Notice: £15.00

A copy of all the above Notice: £100.00

Specialist Clauses

Break Clause: £25.00

Option to Renew Clause: £25.00

Business Release Clause: £25.00

Service by Email Clause: £25.00

Legionella Clause (TOB and AST): £25.00

Fire Alarm Clause (TOB and AST): £25.00

Specialist Documents

Deed of Guarantee: £75.00

Deed of Surrender: £75.00

Grazing Agreement: £75.00

Legionella Risk Assessment Form: £45.00

Holding Fee Agreement: £25.00

Memorandum of Agreement: £25.00

Immigration Act - Corporate Tenant Agreement: £50

Immigration Act - Sub-Agent Agreement: £50

Parking Bay Agreement: £50

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Pack

Including all of the above ASTs, Deed of Guarantee, Section 8, Section 13,

Section 21 (1)(b) and Section 21 (4)(a) Notices: £300.00

Telephone Helpline

Annual subscription : £300.00


To order any of these products please email with your request, your name and your company address and a member of staff will be in touch with you. Alternatively ring 01962 844333 and ask for a member of the Landlord and Tenant department.