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What is Oxygen Starvation at Birth?

What is Oxygen Starvation at Birth?

Becoming a mother can be an amazing, exciting and fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, sometimes the birth process can go wrong, and as a result your baby can be injured.

We see a large number of cases where, during the birth, for whatever reason, a baby has become starved of oxygen. This is known as asphyxia.
A lack of oxygen at birth can have long term effects on the baby and their family.

What causes a lack of oxygen during birth?

Lack of oxygen can be due to a number of reasons, some of which can be unfortunate events.

However, it can also be caused by the negligence of the midwives and doctors providing care and/or treatment to you and your baby during pregnancy and birth.

Examples include:

  • Failure to adequately monitor foetal heartrate

  • Failure to admit mothers to hospital when in labour

  • Problems with the placenta

  • Trauma to the baby while being delivered

  • Shoulder dystocia (where the baby’s shoulders can cause it to become stuck in the birth canal)

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The effects of oxygen starvation are usually long term and wide-reaching. The baby will often develop cerebral palsy, seizures, and be unable to feed or dress themselves as they get older.

This has a profound effect not only on the child, but also their family, as the child will more than likely need long term specialist care, lifetime medication and physical therapy. It is also possible that your family home will need to be adapted to accommodate the specialist equipment that your child may need.

All of this can have a massive effect on the family emotionally, but also financially as providing care for the child can be incredibly expensive. Many families worry how they will be able to provide the care and assistance that their child needs in the future.

At Dutton Gregory Solicitors, we have the experience and knowledge to support you and your family, by investigating and bringing a claim for injury caused to your child during your pregnancy and/or their birth.

We have recently successfully helped a family to bring a negligence claim for £12.86 million against a hospital where their child was deprived of oxygen during his birth.
That family is now safe in the knowledge that their child will be provided for and have the care and assistance he needs for the rest of his life.
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