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Woman receives payout after being dispensed the wrong medicine

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YC v BOOTS UK LTD (2014)
The claimant, a 59 year old woman, received £2,150 after she was given the wrong medication and suffered side effects for 10 days. She was given Prochlorperazine, an antiemetic and anti vertigo drug, instead of her prescribed Procyclidine. During the 10 days she took the wrong medication she suffered trembling hands, gastrointestinal symptoms, sweating, increased anxiety and physical restlessness. The claimant suffered no long term symptoms.
The claimant suffered from a Schizoaffective Disorder and had been coping well with her psychiatric disorder by complying fully with her prescribed medication regime and had consistently collected her prescribed medications from the defendant pharmacy without any major incident since 1995.
Liability was admitted but causation not admitted in full. The defendant disputed that all of the claimants symptoms were as a result of the dispensing error and denied this had caused the claimant to need hospital admission/ treatment
Total injury duration: 1 month - no long term symptoms
Trial/settlement date: 1/10/2014
Type of award: Out of Court Settlement (approved)

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