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Who's afraid of the big bad .... Solicitor?

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Whos afraid of the big bad .... Solicitor?

I have lost count of the times that clients have confessed, at the end of an initial meeting, just how scared they were before coming to see me.  Some have actually said that they would prefer to visit their dentist for a tooth extraction rather than seek an appointment with a family lawyer!  No disrespect to our valued dentists, but that is not an encouraging comment to hear, is it?

Most clients seem markedly relaxed once we have spoken but taking the first step and contacting a solicitor IS daunting.  Your life has possibly been thrown into turmoil, you are worried about your future (and that of any children you may have), you do not know your rights, you may have been un-nerved by advice from well-meaning third parties, and now you are expected to sit down with a complete stranger to divulge the most private information and somehow make sense of it all!

When viewed like this it sounds an absolute nightmare, and so how can I reassure you?

I can tell you how experienced our family team is here at Dutton Gregory – but you will see that for yourself if you look at our website and let’s be honest, every other firm will say this. 

I can stress how knowledgeable our lawyers are – but of course, that goes without saying … what else would you expect from qualified professionals?

I can refer you to previously satisfied clients and direct you to positive reviews – but that is nothing that you will not find elsewhere, on other websites.

At the end of the day it is your choice who you consult but what I can do is simply say that at Dutton Gregory we don’t bite!  Instead we care, we listen and we want to help. 

We understand that you may need time to digest our advice and that is why we offer you an initial meeting at a reduced fixed fee during which we will aim to identify the main issues, respond to your immediate concerns and provide you with some initial advice to hopefully assist you in the short-medium term.  That meeting can be in the office or remote (telephone or Teams) and can accommodate any friend or family member that you might like to accompany you.  It can be free-standing if you wish, or you can go on to instruct us once you have had a period of time to reflect.  As Josh Billings once commented: “Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give … but dreadful uneasy to take …