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Dutton Gregory's Residential Property team strikes again!

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Local law firm Dutton Gregory continue to receive excellent feedback and high praise from their satisfied residential property clients, following the recent growth of their Chandler’s Ford-based team.

Led by Partner Paul Sams, the team have received a number of stand-out compliments and feedback from some of their many happy clients.

Last month saw a very satisfied client thanking Paul Sams along with Legal Assistant Megan Townsend for their support and persistence, stating in their online review of the firm:

“I am sure you have many clients but throughout the difficult time we experienced it felt that you were there working with and for us.”

Just a matter of weeks later, yet another happy client of Paul and his team has come forward about his positive experience.

Antonio Falco provided his testimonial, stating:

“They say that selling and buying a property is extremely stressful and one of the top 3 most stressful things in life – they’re right! When you find yourself in this position you need to have as much support, empathy and understanding as possible.

“Paul Sams gets it. He understands what his customers go through, the persistent stress and frustration of this process that on occasion just means you can lose you temper. That is why I have used Paul at Dutton Gregory Solicitors on several occasions over the years and have been very happy to recommend him numerous times.

“But of course you need a team around you; Megan Townsend was key in ensuring that the process was as painless as possible, even though she took the brunt of my frustration one late afternoon. She worked very hard to make sure that all parties knew what needed to happen next and she acted swiftly when things seemed to go off the rails. So, thank you to her for her keeping it all on track.

“I would also like to thank Katie Page who managed to keep me calm when the buyer’s solicitors were clearly not as competent as the Dutton Gregory team, thank you Katie for professionalism and assistance.

“When making one of the biggest decisions in your life, make sure you have Paul Sams and the team with you.”

Well done to Paul, Megan, Katie and the rest of the Residential Property team for yet another happy client!