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Confessions of a Family Solicitor during Lockdown

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It all seems rather surreal at the moment with the current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. 

Personally, I am trying to work from home while juggling trying to homeschool and entertain a preschooler at the same time! The majority of people with children will be in the same boat as me.  It is stressful and hard work, however, I keep telling myself that it is not forever.

On top of this, the way I work has changed. Gone are the days where I would meet clients face-to-face, attend court and work from the office. My meetings are now virtual using Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams and the court hearings are now also virtual.  I have had to quickly adapt and learn how to use these applications. This has been a challenge as I am not the greatest with technology! I am also fearful that during a virtual hearing, one of my children will decide that then is the perfect time to interrupt Mummy - so far, there has not been a problem!

For some people, the stress of juggling this will be too much and it can affect your mental health.  Mental health is so important, and it should be maintained. Stressful times can make you feel out of control, hurt, sad, anxious, fearful, insecure and powerless.     

On top of working from home, juggling work and home schooling, some couples will be living together who simply do not get on and they may be contemplating separation, or wish to separate, but they are forced to live with each other due to lockdown. They are quarantined in their own homes, unable to escape or take legal advice on the next steps. No one wants to live in a war zone. Divorcing couples who are stuck in the same household need to take time and practice empathy. Not only does it result in a greater level of harmony, but it can resolve conflict and disagreements quicker.

There may also be children living in these homes and it is extremely important to remember that children can absorb everything that is said or done around them. So, if one parent is bad mouthing another, they are likely to end up copying this behaviour.  I have previously written about divorce and the impact of your child’s mental wellbeing, you can read it here

Lockdown will not be forever and it is important that you look after yourselves in these unprecedented times.

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