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CLIENT CASE STUDIES: Coping with Prostate Cancer

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CLIENT CASE STUDIES: Coping with Prostate Cancer

Following on from her colleague, Michael Kingman’s article for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, medical negligence specialist, Claire Henderson shares her first-hand experience of two recent cases involving the diagnosis of prostate cancer, and the devastating effects she has seen on both individuals and their families.

A few years ago, I was instructed by a client who had been selected to take part in a medical trial looking into treatment options for prostate cancer. He had been chosen because he had a higher risk of developing the disease and, during the intake process, it was noted that the Claimant had slightly raised levels of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen).

This meant that the gentleman was not suitable to participate in the medical trial and was referred to his GP. Unfortunately, despite being made aware of the abnormal PSA level, the GP failed to act.

Two years later, my client developed symptoms and a subsequent test showed that he now had high levels of PSA, so was referred to hospital where a diagnosis of prostate cancer was made.

Due to the time that has passed between the two tests, the cancer had progressed outside of the organ, making treatment much more difficult and demanding.  Due to the initial negligence of the first GP, surgery was not an option, so my client underwent hormonal treatment which was gruelling and affected both his quality life and mental health.  

In this case, negligence was admitted, and I obtained compensation in the sum of £25,000.

In another case which settled last year, I was able to successfully bring a case against both a GP and Health Trust for their collective failure to realise symptoms that were indicative of prostate cancer and take the appropriate action.

As in the first example, by the time a diagnosis was made, the cancer had spread, and the Claimant was unable to have surgery due to preexisting health conditions. He too underwent hormonal treatment which affected him greatly.

This case was complicated by the Claimant’s pre-existing medical history and despite it taking five years, we did successfully settle this matter, obtaining compensation for the additional pain and suffering that he experienced during the two years he was undiagnosed.

In both these examples, it was fortunate that I was able to successfully prove negligence and negotiate compensation that allowed both men to move forward with the rest of the lives, getting help and support to come to terms with what had happened and the impact it had on their futures.

If you or someone you know has experienced sub-standard or delayed medical care, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors on 01202 315005.