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When worst fears become reality

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It can be an incredibly difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy and harder still to follow through on that course. At the very least you would hope for some peace of mind knowing you made the right choice, given the circumstances, for the right reasons.

Imagine then if you visited your GP twice following the termination and presented symptoms associated with pregnancy only to be advised that it was highly unlikely that the procedure had failed.  No further investigations were conducted, not even a standard pregnancy test, just a prescription for anti-sickness medication.  Some weeks later you return once again to the GP where it is revealed that you are indeed still pregnant.

Your mind would likely be awash with panicked thoughts of ‘what do I do now?’ and nightmares about how the failed termination may have affected your unborn child.  For one woman, her worst fears came true and having taken the very personal decision that the pregnancy was too far advanced for her to undergo a surgical termination, her son was born.

In the early years there were concerns about his mental development and at four and a half years old he was diagnosed with mental health problems which were likely to become more severe over time.

Dutton Gregory Solicitors successfully negotiated a significant settlement considering the ongoing care and support that will be required for mother and son.

Carol Maunder, Partner and Head of Clinical Negligence at Dutton Gregory says, “The circumstances of this case will likely garner strong controversial opinions and debate but this cannot be allowed to detract from the serious breaches of duty of care that occur all too often. It was amongst the most emotionally challenging cases I have dealt with during my career. The nature of clinical negligence work is one that engenders an internal pressure to succeed, in full knowledge that the final outcome will have wide ranging and often long term ramifications. To support clients professionally in these circumstances and deliver a positive result is a worthwhile privilege and each case is a poignant reminder of this. My client’s comment after the final settlement may appear short: ‘Thank you for all your help and support’ but it was a clear illustration of just how much she had been through and how grateful she was to the team at Dutton Gregory.”

Dutton Gregory Solicitors has an enviable record of success in clinical negligence cases, achieving claim settlements ranging from £1000s to in excess of £7M.  If you have any concerns about medical care you have received, contact our clinical negligence solicitors in confidence on 01202 315005 or via