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January's Employment Quiz Answers

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Below are the answers to January's employment quiz...

1. What is the maximum tax free redundancy payment that an employee can receive?

Answer: £30,000

2. Under the new legalisation which following statement is correct?

Answer: Expectant fathers are permitted the right to unpaid time off to attend ante natal appointments

3. After childbirth it is a criminal offence to allow a new mother to return to work within what time frame?

Answer: 2 weeks

4. Which of the following are not mandatory requirements of a settlement agreement?

Answer: The employer must make a contribution to the individual’s legal fees

5. The relatively new S111a of Employment Rights Act 1996 allows employers to propose termination of employment in agreed terms to an employee on a confidential basis but what type of cases are not covered by S111A?

Answer: Sex discrimination

6. Business immigration: if a Tier 2 sponsor's licence is revoked, how long must they wait before being eligible to reapply?

Answer: 6 months