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Answers - HR Professionals Quiz and link to the next quiz!

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Below are the answers to our first quiz and a link to our second quiz - all correct answers received by Friday 8 August will be entered into a draw to win a £250 voucher towards legal costs.  

For your chance to win - enter the quiz here

See how well you did on our first quiz by looking at the answers below:

1. For the purposes of calculating redundancy pay, what is the current maximum statutory rate for a week's pay?  

ANSWER - a. £464.00  

2. What is the new time frame (as of May 2014) for supplying employee liability information under the amended Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations?  

ANSWER - c. 28 days  

3. As of May 2014 claimants are not allowed to raise a claim for unfair dismissal at an Employment Tribunal before they have done what?  

ANSWER - c. Entered Early Conciliation with ACAS  

4. If a claimant is not entitled to remission on Tribunal fees, how much are they required to pay to the Tribunal in order to enter a claim of disability discrimination and unfair dismissal?  

ANSWER - a. £250.00  

5. Following the implementation of the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013, companies can now enter into arrangements with employees where they trade a limited number of company shares, in return for the employee surrendering certain employment rights. Under this scheme, which right would NOT be capable of surrender?  

ANSWER - d. The right to claim unfair dismissal for termination in breach of the Equality Act 2010.  

6. In April 2013 the rules in relation to the length of time needed to consult employees on a collective redundancy changed. If an employer proposes to make 100 or more employees redundant within a rolling 90 day period, what is the minimum period of consultation that must take place first?  

ANSWER - c. 45 days  

7. An employee's contract of employment states she is entitled to 3 months notice on termination of employment. She has worked continually for the organisation for 7 years. If she is made redundant whilst on maternity leave, how much notice is she entitled to in order to lawfully terminate her employment?  

ANSWER - a. 3 months notice - An employee can be made redundant whilst on maternity leave providing the redundancy is genuine and full procedures have been followed including allowing the employee the first refusal on any available suitable positions. Whilst on maternity leave the employee is entitled to the benefit of her terms and conditions of employment except for those relating to remuneration. Where an employee on SML is contractually entitled to notice of more than 1 week higher than her statutory entitlement only statutory or contractual maternity pay is due during the notice period instead of full pay but where the notice period she is entitled to is the same as the statutory notice period she would be entitled to full pay. An oddity in Employment law Whereby S87(4) Employment Rights Act 1996 counters the entitlement to full pay whilst on notice which otherwise would have been applied.  

8. You can now be fined up to £20,000.00 for each person you employ illegally. Which of the following would you currently be lawfully allowed to employ?  

ANSWER - a. The Nigerian husband of a Norwegian woman who is on maternity leave