Wills Plus Service

Wills Plus Service

We believe that when you use a lawyer to create a Will you should not just end up with a piece of paper – but also peace of mind.

How can you achieve that if you later realise that you have forgotten to tell your solicitor about something or someone you wanted in your Will, or if you change your mind about a particular provision and want it amended?

You probably won’t want to incur the cost of amending your Will.  You certainly will not want to worry about the consequences of not dealing with the omission or amendment.

You should be able to make changes if you change your mind, especially if this is the first Will you have created.

And you will want your loved ones to be looked after, even after your wishes have been carried out.

So what can you do?

Our dedicated team of lawyers are experienced in creating Wills for:

  • Divorcees
  • Parents with young children
  • Couples who are in second marriages
  • People who wish to provide for vulnerable/disabled family members
  • Single people
  • Cohabitees
  • Those owning high value assets/assets abroad/businesses interests
  • Those who are thinking of excluding a relative from their Will
  • Those who are concerned about inheritance tax
  • Those who are concerned about future care home fees

Our specialists are now offering ‘Wills Plus’ in addition to their usual excellent services.  Contact Bernadette Bland on 01962 624468 or b.bland@duttongregory.co.uk to discuss your requirements.