In addition to the traditional methods of instructing solicitors Dutton Gregory has developed a fixed fee insurance backed employment service called “Empowhr” to help businesses with their day to day employment issues.

Empower is a fixed fee arrangement making it easier for businesses to budget their legal advice in employment matters for the course of the year.   The scheme is also backed by an insurance policy so that in the event, even after you having followed our advice, an employee wishes to pursue a case through a Tribunal, the legal fees involved in defending the claim and any awards of damages are covered by insurance.

Empowhr – key facts

  1. Unlimited access to our employment solicitors for your day to day employment queries and issues.    All included in a   fixed fee agreed with you at the outset giving you peace of mind and an ability to budget for legal spend.
  2. In addition to our helpline, we provide you with all documentation you may require when dealing with employment issues including contracts, policies, and letters dealing with issues such as disciplinaries, grievances, flexible working requests, maternity leave, compromise agreements, and many more.
  3. Appointment of a dedicated adviser, providing consistent support so that you do not have to speak to a different person each time you call.  We do not just send you a pack of documents and refer you to them when you call but deal with each enquiry fully and provide you with the guidance and specific letters or documents required at each stage.
  4. Having an adviser dedicated to your business, should help develop our relationship with you and help us gain a greater understanding of your business and its needs.   We like to get to know our clients and having this relationship means that you don’t have to explain the history of a matter or particular employee each time you call.
  5. As part of the service, we would carry out an audit of your employment contracts and staff handbooks to ensure that they are fully compliant with current legislation.   In the event you do not have employment contracts, these are provided at no extra cost.
  6. We carry out regular audits as and when there are changes in the law that would affect your contracts or policies and provide you with regular updates on important changes in employment law.
  7. An insurance policy is arranged in conjunction with the service to provide peace of mind. The insurance covers the costs of legal advice in the event that a claim is brought against your organisation together with any compensation awarded up to £100,000.00 per claim with an aggregated limit of up to £1m worth of cover per year.
  8. We do not seek to contractually tie in our clients for a number of years, as the service is provided on an annual basis.   We pride ourselves that our service is of such quality that our clients seek to renew of their own volition rather than requiring contractual tie-ins like other organisations.
  9. The cost of the Empowhr is calculated based on numbers of employees and pay roll not on the turnover of your business.   You can make a single payment or pay by monthly instalments.

To speak to us about our Empowhr service or to obtain a quotation please contact one of our team.