Small Claims Express

Small Claims Express

Small claims made easy for businesses and individuals 

  • Are you owed a sum of money under £10,000?
  • Have you been told it is not worth pursuing because the cost would be disproportionate? 
  • Are you avoiding pursuing a claim because you don't have the time or resources to pursue Court action? 

We have the answer. If you need to recover a sum of money under £10,000 we are here to help you with our simple, straight forward and no hidden charges fixed fee packages. Just choose the best grade to suit your needs : 

Basic : £500 + VAT 

5 hours work to include a 30 minute consultation, review of the papers, comply with pre-action protocol with draft letter of claim and deal with response to letter of claim. If it becomes necessary, draft claim form and particulars of claim. Issue and serve. Receipt and advice on any defence. 

Enhanced : £750 + VAT

7 1/2 hours work to include all of the above, with directions questionnaire, two statements, 100 pages of document disclosure and hearing bundle. 

Premium £1,000 + VAT

10 hours work to include all of the above and to include representation at any Trail lasting up to 4 hours. 

Ultimate £1,250 + VAT

12 1/2 hours work to include all of the above and exploring and advising on enforcement options. Fee will include instruction of High Court Enforcement Officer. 

You will also have to pay the Court a fee to start a claim. These are calculated on a sliding scale depending on the value of the claim. If the case does not settle, a hearing fee is also charged by the Court shortly before the final hearing. If you are on a low income or certain benefits you may not have to pay all or part of the Court fees. 

*Some terms and conditions apply.