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Taking your children abroad

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Separated parents need to be aware of the issue of the law relating to taking their children abroad on holiday, to avoid being accused of child abduction, be refused past check-in or turned away at boarder patrol, if they fail to take the right documents with them.

It is not uncommon for a parent to have a different last name, but many are unaware of the problems it can cause at airports, or even the ports.

It is vital that you have the correct documentation to hand or it could derail your trip.

For separated families you need evidence of:-

  1. Approval from your child’s other parent or any person with Parental Responsibility for your child.
  2. A copy of any Child Arrangements Orders (if applicable) confirming the child lives with you, or proves you have the Court’s approval to have contact with your child.
  3. Evidence of your change of name (if applicable).  Some women revert to their maiden name following a divorce.
  4. Your child’s Birth Certificate.
  5. If the other parent has passed away, you will need a copy of their Death Certificate.

If your child’s other parent does not consent to you taking the child out of the country, you will need to go to Court to try and resolve the matter.  If this issue effects you, the Family Team at Dutton Gregory will be able to advise.