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Rogue Employers to be Hit From All Angles

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The government’s immigration minister, James Brokenshire MP, has suggested an autumnal wave of checks and raids on “rogue employers” who employ illegal migrants, particularly those in the construction, care and cleaning sectors.

Reacting to the criticism over immigration and the situation developing in Calais, Mr Brokenshire MP has stated that “Rogue employers who give jobs to illegal migrants are denying work to UK citizens and legal migrants and helping drive down wages… Experience tells us that employers who are prepared to cheat employment rules are also likely to breach health and safety rules and pay insufficient tax.”

He proposed the government would use its “full force” to crackdown on employers who fail to carry out the proper checks to ensure their employees, or potential employees, are legally allowed to work in the country.

Exploitation of workers in this regard has remained a civil offence under the Tory government, as opposed to a criminal offence proposed by Labour.