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Dutton Gregory CEO's London to Paris Cycle Challenge

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3 weeks today I start my 240 mile cycle challenge from London to Paris. I can't believe it is now so close and it is fair to say I do not feel ready at all !!  Where has the last 6 months gone?

I have learnt a lot about bikes. I naively thought I would just be able to jump on a bike and cycle around a bit but that is not the case. I am becoming a biking nerd and find myself cruising the biking websites for new pieces of kit when I have a spare moment. Whether I feel the same after 4 days of riding is yet to be seen !!

My fund raising has gone really well and I am now well over target with some more still to come in. I have been overwhelmed with peoples generosity and support for the Alzheimer Society. A big thank you to everyone!!