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Do You Know The Benefits Of Mediation?

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Do You Know The Benefits Of Mediation?

This week is Mediation Week! Family solicitor shares their experiences of mediation, and how it can help.

Today's blog asks: Do You Know The Benefits Of Mediation?
Whilst Mediation can't offer you a golden ticket, it does have some fantastic benefits for your family's future.
Here we look at the benefits of this service, and what they mean to you.


Mediation can offer:
  • Confidentiality – it provides you with a forum to talk safely, privately and calmly which gives a much better chance of reaching decisions that work for your family;
  • Creativity – it allows you to consider and discuss options that are tailored specifically to suit your own circumstances and those of your family.
  • Cost effectiveness – It means you can avoid the court process and emotional and financial costs that often comes with it;
  • Good Communication – it often works to improve communication to enable you to deal with future problems more effectively; and
  • Support to Your Children – It benefits your children by helping parents to work together to plan for their future. Some mediators offers a service whereby the children’s wishes can also be taken into consideration.
A mediator’s role is to help you focus on what is best for your children and to discuss with you how to make sure your children’s view are heard.  That way, you are more likely to reach decisions that work and ensure that their future security and happiness. 
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