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Answers to HR Professionals Quiz - number 2

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1.  Tribunals can now award financial penalties against employers, payable to the Government, when awarding damages - but up to what sum?

ANSWER = Up to 50 % of an award for damages but subject to an upper limit of £5,000.00

2.  When does limitation expire for employees wishing to raise a claim at Employment Tribunal for a redundancy payment?

ANSWER = 6 months

3.  How many flexible working requests can an eligible employee make in a 12 month period?


4.  What is the Bradford Factor?

ANSWER = A tool for calculating and managing sickness absence

5.  Failure to follow the ACAS code of practice for disciplinary and grievance procedures could result in an uplift of damages of up to?

ANSWER - 25%

6.  How much notice is required from an employee opting out of a TUPE transfer?

ANSWER = No notice required

7.  For qualifying employees how long does statutory sick pay last?

ANSWER - 28 Weeks

8.  From an immigration law perspective - with fines now up to £20,000.00 per employee, which of the following can be taken into account to reduce a fine for employing illegal workers?

ANSWER - The employer contacts the Home Office to report their own employees 

If you would like further information on our quiz, or any of the topics raised here, please contact Kitty Falls in our immigration team.