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Louise Uphill

Law Commissions Report on Leasehold Reform

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This week, the Law Commission published its report on buying freeholds and extending leases. The report has been awaited since 2017, when the Law Commission announced it was given the task of promoting transparency and fairness in the residential...

Deciphering your residential lease

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Having dug out a copy of your lease from your ever growing pile of paperwork at home, you can often find yourself faced with the problem of how to decode it! The good news is that we’ve put together this general guide to a standard residential...

Leaseholders: get your "house" in order amid lockdown

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Whilst the battle with COVID-19 rages on outside and activity within the housing market is quiet, now is a good time for leaseholders to use this opportunity to get their current lease in a good and marketable condition ready for when the market springs back...