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Life, following an amputation, can be extremely challenging for a patient and their loved ones.  It can take an enormous amount of willpower and determination to overcome the everyday difficulties that losing a limb can create.   

Once the initial shock of losing a limb has passed, practicalities such as rehabilitation, what you are going to do about work and whether you require aids and modifications around your home need to be considered.  This can be a daunting prospect and financially you may start wondering how you are going to manage.  

Fortunately, the law seeks to help and compensate those that have suffered an amputation as a direct result of medical negligence.  Bringing a successful medical negligence claim for such an injury is a complicated and involved process, requiring specialist knowledge and experience.  

Here at Dutton Gregory, Solicitors we have a team of specialist medical negligence lawyers who can assist patients who are struggling with amputation injuries get the legal redress they both need and deserve.  We do not simply stop at claiming compensation for you but ensure additional support and care is put into place so that you and your family can adjust to your new circumstances.

In particular, we always ensure full consideration is given to:

  • The need for rehabilitation and the costs involved
  • Whether your property requires adaption or even whether a new property, which is more suitable, needs to be purchased
  • The need for specialist equipment to assist with your disability
  • Whether you need care and assistance
  • Whether private medical treatment and therapy is going to be needed in the immediate or long term

We will work tirelessly to get the best outcome for you and having helped many clients after an amputation, we know what a difference a well managed case can make.